• Do you offer contents only policies?

    We do offer landlords’ contents-only policies over the telephone. Just click “Get A Callback” above or call us on 01788 818670.

    You are not responsible for insuring any items that belong to your tenants, such as their personal electronic appliances that they may leave in the property. However, if you rent your property partly or fully furnished, there will be items of your own that you may wish to protect with a dedicated landlords’ contents insurance policy.

    As the term ‘landlord contents insurance’ suggests, this type of cover can pay for the repair or replacement of any household items left in your rental property that are stolen, damaged or destroyed. Such a policy typically covers any soft furnishings, furniture and appliances that are left in the rental property and owned by you.

    Landlords’ contents cover does not cover the gradual ‘wear and tear’ of items over time, or any items that belong to the tenant.


    If you are happy with your existing landlord buildings insurance but lack the appropriate contents cover for items of your own that you have left in the property for your tenant to use, we are happy to provide landlords’ contents insurance only, in accordance with your needs.