• Are my personal belongings covered?

    Unfortunately, your own personal belongings won’t be covered by a standard (non-comprehensive) landlord buildings insurance policy and you will need to take out a household policy to cover your contents.

    Detailed response: As is the case when you are taking out a standard home insurance policy, when you are comparing landlord insurance policies, you will need to read the small print carefully to establish what is and is not covered.

    A common mistake made by landlords is to take out a landlord buildings insurance policy that does not cover their personal belongings that they have left in the property for their tenant to use, such as washing machines, tumble dryers and other appliances. So, you should ensure that the policy you take out really does cover all of your needs as a landlord.

    If you wish to protect your personal belongings that are left in your buy-to-let investment property, including those that are intended for the tenant to use, you will need to take out a suitably comprehensive landlord insurance policy that covers both the building and its contents, dedicated contents insurance or an alternative household policy.


    Always carefully read all of the terms and conditions of your chosen landlord insurance policy to ensure that it addresses all of your requirements from buildings or contents cover for your buy-to-let investment property. Ask us for clarification if you are unsure as to whether certain contents are covered by the policy you obtain through CIA Landlord Insurance.