• Does the policy cover me if my tenants are injured due to the property?

    Our landlord insurance policies, where buildings are insured, include property owners’ liability cover and where contents are insured include contents liability cover, so if the tenant is injured or contracts a disease due to the insured property and/or contents, you would be protected.

    Employers’ liability insurance, meanwhile, covers you for any damage caused to the property or to an individual by someone who is employed by you to work at the rental property under a PAYE agreement. Examples of such employees include cleaners and gardeners.

    What is property owners’ liability insurance?

    When you purchase landlord insurance through CIA Landlord Insurance, you can be assured that your tenants will be covered, as we always include property owners’ liability insurance in our policies.

    Property owners’ liability cover protects landlords and property owners with regard to any claims that may be made against them in respect of their legal liability for any personal injury that a third party, such as a tenant, suffers arising from the policyholder’s ownership of the property.

    As the owner of your property, you are legally responsible for ensuring that it is well-maintained and does not put your tenants at unnecessary risk of injury. If the tenant does suffer an injury due to a cause that could have been avoided if your property had been better-maintained, you may be held liable for compensation.

    When you are seeking property owners’ liability cover as a landlord, it is important to pay attention to the level of indemnity. This is the maximum payout that the insurance company will make in respect of any given claim. Legal costs for defending any claim are usually included in any given policy, in addition to the aforementioned limit. However, other policies may include these legal costs in their stated maximum payable limit.


    Property owners’ liability cover could give you vital peace of mind as a landlord, protecting you in the event of a tenant becoming injured while on your property and deciding to make a claim. However, it is important to carefully scrutinise any given policy to ensure it caters to your likely needs.