Sebestyen & Danilo battle for grip in the Misano heat

Sebestyen & Danilo battle for grip in the Misano heat

CIA Landlord Insurance Honda riders had a tough start to the opening day of proceedings at round 7 of the FIM Supersport World Championship in Misano.  With track temperatures in excess of 45℃, grip was at a premium for both Peter Sebestyen and Jules Danilo in the Free Practice sessions, leaving work to do ahead of the 19-lap race on Sunday.

Sebestyen struggled with setting-up the Honda CBR600RR for the high temperatures so lacked the confidence for a fast lap time and was disappointed to end the day sixteenth overall.

Sebestyen said: “It was a bad day for me I couldn’t find a good set up with the bike and I can’t feel the support from the bike so I can’t ride how I want to ride and how I rode before. We need to check the data and see what we can improve.  The rear grip is one thing but we are struggling with the front as well.  It’s not usual for me with this bike so now we are in a little bit of a bad position but if we can find a good set up I think we can be there because the gap is not so big.  I think if I re-set my brain it will be ok.  I had some very big, dangerous moments on the track and it has dented my confidence so I have to get back my rhythm, that’s the plan for FP3 and I want to make a big step in qualifying that’s for sure.”

Teammate Jules Danilo was also frustrated with the lack of adhesion but made a solid step into the 41s in the afternoon session to end the day twentieth on the combined timesheets.

Danilo said: “Well it was a tough day because there is just no grip and I can’t ride like I normally ride with corner speed and stuff.  As soon I try to be smooth with the lines I tuck the front and then the rear so I have to square the corners off a bit more.  I did that in the last run and it helped for the lap time but it’s not coming naturally at the moment.  We’ll see what we can do tomorrow because we did work on a good base in Jerez and I don’t want to start changing everything again, but if we have to we will.  My crew chief Stu will help me again tomorrow and we can do a good qualifying.”

CIA Landlord Insurance Honda Team Manager Simon Buckmaster said: “It’s really hot here and the grip is down but those conditions are the same for everybody and both Peter & Jules need to adapt to that.  Both of them have a riding style where they like to carry loads of corner speed in, but with the low grip they have to adapt from that because you just can’t get on the throttle.  Jules realises that and made a big step in that second session.  Peter had a couple of moments in that session, one really big one and I think that’s affected his confidence a bit but as he said, he’ll re-set.   We will work with them, we know what we need to do so we’ve got to go out and do it. It’s behind us now, let’s look to FP3 and see what we can do in qualifying.”

Free Practices Combined Results after FP2

1 F. Caricasulo 1’39.951

2 R. De Rosa +0.185

3 R. Krummenacher +0.260

4 J. Cluzel +0.414

5 L. Mahias +0.594

6 H. Soomer +0.650

7 L. Ottaviani +0.766

8 L. Gabellini +0.780

9 A. Badovini +0.920

10 I. Vinales +1.083

16 P. Sebestyen CIA Landlord Insurance Honda +1.509

20 J. Danilo CIA Landlord Insurance Honda +1.744