Smith & Sebestyen make strides in Misano

CIA Landlord Insurance Honda riders Kyle Smith and Peter Sebestyen battled the high track temperatures in qualifying today for Sunday’s World Supersport race from Misano.

Grip was at a premium at the 4.2km Misano World Circuit and after suffering a small crash in Superpole Two British rider Smith will start the 19-lap race from the third row of the grid in 8th position.

Smith said: “We made a step up since Brno we are a little bit closer to the front of the grid in P8.   We still seem like we have got room to improve working on the set up on the bike. It feels good but I had a small crash and it just felt like it was pushing the front, making the tyre work a lot so we’ll work on that see if we can get it more comfortable for the race tomorrow.  Little bit frustrating because I feel like I could maybe be on the second row of the grid but the pace doesn’t feel a million miles off so hopefully we can be fighting for a top five position in the race tomorrow.”

With his fastest time of the weekend so far Peter Sebestyen has qualified in 18th position for his debut race with CIA Landlord Insurance Honda.  The Hungarian rider posted a time of 1’40.017 in Superpole One and will start from the sixth row of the grid with a points finish in his sights.

Sebestyen said: “Today was a great day I feel like the bike has the potential.  It was great to see Kyle was fast, faster than me and I can improve so I am really happy because I have a good team, they are very calm and it seems like they trust me so I can just focus on riding.  I think it shows on the results also so I am happy but tomorrow is the day I always really enjoy.  Usually I can perform good in the races so I am looking forward to it.  Maybe today could have been better if we’d not missed out on FP2 and the laps but I am really happy with this result.”

CIA Landlord Insurance Honda Team Manager Simon Buckmaster said: “Another step up for us Kyle was looking good for the first two rows but then he just slid off.  We made a change which made it better but then of course you go faster so he was pushing that bit more and the front just slid out from under him.  We’ll discuss things with Ohlins and I am sure we can make another step in the right direction just to make it that much better. It’s not really an expression I use but Kyle is not really a one lap man he is strong in the race and he believes he can fight for a top five and I believe that. It is hot here and in these conditions Kyle is always strong.”

“This is a really good step in the right direction for CIA Landlord Insurance Honda. It is public knowledge now that we are going to Rossi Engineering to start working on a new Metronik ECU for the last four races and for next year so everything is looking good and we are definitely on the way up.”

“Peter Sebestyen did a great job it’s his first event with the team, he’s come into the World Championship in the middle of the season and qualified 18th just outside the 39s and you can see the possibility there.  He feels he has a good chance to fight for the points here and I have to agree.   I would like to say what a great job by all the team this week, both sides of the garage, it just goes to show what a good unit we are and how well we work as a team.”


Results Superpole 1

1 S. Morais 1’39.312

2 H Okubo +0.186

3 T Gradinger +0.212

4 L. Gabellini +0.469

5 H. Soomer +0.516

6 D. Stirpe +0.571

7 R. Mercandelli +0.573

8 P. Sebestyen CIA Landlord Insurance Honda +0.705

9 E. Lahti +0.716

10 C. Perolari +0.802


Free Practices & Superpole Combined Results

1 F. Caricasulo 1’37.694

2 J. Cluzel 1’38.185

3 R. Krummenacher 1’38.498

4 R. De Rosa 1’38.504

5 S. Cortese 1’38.574

6 L. Mahias 1’38.754

7 S. Valtulini 1’38.766

8 K. Smith CIA Landlord Insurance Honda 1’38.829

9 H. Okubo 1’39.098

10 A. West 1’39.164

18 P. Sebestyen CIA Landlord Insurance Honda 1’40.017