• What You Get

    • Access to a legal helpline which is manned by legal professionals and is open 24 hours a day, 365
      days a year to give you advice on any legal issues.
    • Up to £50,000 legal costs and expenses for each insured incident such as:
      • Repossession
      • Rent recovery
      • Damage to your property
      • Nuisance and Tresspass
      • Defence of Criminal Prosecutions
      • Tax Enquiries

    Things you need to know

    • If you do find yourself in a position where you need to evict your tenants, you can use the legal helpline to talk you through the process on how to serve the eviction notice yourself. If the tenants then refuse to leave, the £50,000 cover will become available for the legal professionals to evict the tenants through the court and try if possible to claim back any unpaid rent and damages to the property.
    • This cannot be purchased if you are currently in disputes with your tenant(s), they are in rent arrears and/or eviction proceedings.
    • This optional cover is per property insured.