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In order to proceed with the cover you must confirm your agreement with the following statements.

  • That to the best of your knowledge and belief all the information you provided is correct.
  • That you understand that the non-disclosure of a material or fact may invalidate certain parts of the policy cover.
  • That the sums insured represent the full value of replacement or rebuilding of the properties to be insured.
  • That the information taken on this or any subsequent form, including a claim form, may be supplied to other organisations or public bodies including the Police, to prevent and detect fraud.
  • A statement of fact document will accompany your policy or quotation document. This will repeat all questions and answers that we have asked you and is the information that your policy is based on. It is very important that you read this document carefully and inform us immediately of any incorrect information shown as this may affect the underwriters decision to accept the risk either at the premium quoted or paid, or at all.
  • You should read through the IPID or Policy Summary and Policy Wording in conjunction with your policy schedule carefully to ensure that the cover meets your requirements. Should you have any queries or concerns please contact us as soon as possible to discuss. If you are not satisfied with the policy for any reason, please return all the documentation to us within fourteen days and we will refund your premium in full, providing a reason to claim does not exist.
  • Cover will commence on the date requested and documents will be emailed to you within 1 working day.

The quotes are based on the following assumptions:

  • All information disclosed is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  • The property:
    • there are no building works, structural or non structural, undergoing or planned at the property;
    • is occupied only as a private dwelling and not used for business purposes;
    • is constructed of brick or stone with a pitched slate or tile roof, or flat roof constructed of concrete or felt on timber;
    • is in a good state of repair and used solely for residential purposes;
    • is heated solely by electricity, and/or mains gas, and/or solid fuel;
    • is not within 100m of a cliff, quarry or other excavation;
    • is not within 10 metres of a watercourse;
    • is not above or below any commercial premises;
    • is no more than 5 storeys;
    • there are no more than 5 flats in the block.
  • There are tenants currently residing in the property.
  • The tenants are not permitted to sub-let
  • There is a minimum of a 6 month short term tenancy agreement (England & Wales) or, a Private Residential Tenancy (Scotland) directly between you, or your agent and the tenant.
  • The current tenants are not in rent arrears and/or subject to eviction proceedings.
  • You have had continuous insurance on the property since you acquired it.
  • The Proposer(s) permanently reside in the UK and are legally responsible for insuring the property(ies).