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Nestled in scenic North Wales, Wrexham combines the charm of Welsh culture with the convenience of modern living, making it an appealing location for property investors. As the largest town in North Wales, Wrexham boasts a vibrant economy, strong educational institutions, and a growing demand for rental properties. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, exploring the potential in Wrexham’s property market can be a smart move. Here’s your guide to some of the top buy-to-let property investment hotspots in Wrexham.

About Wrexham

Wrexham, the largest town in North East Wales, holds a truly enviable location. Just a quick 20-minute journey from the town centre, you can immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of the Welsh hills, explore ancient Roman ruins in Chester, or delve into the rich history scattered throughout Wrexham County Borough. 

Despite its growth, Wrexham has managed to maintain the charming vibe of a market town and is just a short while away from numerous historical sites that offer a glimpse into past local life. Plus, with superb road connections to North Wales, the North West, and beyond, it’s easy to see why Wrexham is such a beloved spot!

Regeneration projects in Wrexham

The council in Wrexham have put together a Wrexham Town Centre Masterplan which highlights the positive attributes that Wrexham’s town centre has to offer. Some of these treasures include a thriving mid-market retail offer, Glyndwr University, Coleg Cambria, and Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The whole premise of this regeneration project is to redo the town centre and make it an attractive option for businesses and residents alike. 

Transport in Wrexham

Wrexham is well-connected to the rest of the UK and is only a 50-minute drive from Manchester and Liverpool airports. The town is also a mere 90-minute drive from Birmingham. 

Wrexham offers great rail links too, including train services directly to and from London. Also, the Bidston railway corridor provides connections to the Wirral and Liverpool and is a successful link between Wrexham and Deeside. There are also links to Cardiff and Chester station, linking to Manchester and London. 

Property market in Wrexham

Now, we’ll take a look at the property market in Wrexham, looking at why investing in the area is a good step to take in expanding your property portfolio.

There is currently a supply-demand issue with Wrexham, as is nationwide, which has caused rental inflation. As a result, rent prices have risen, which means that you will have no issues with getting a good return on your investment here. 

The average property price in Wrexham in January of this year sat at £205,611, a whole 0.8% increase from the previous year. There has been an average of an extra £1,700 spent on purchasing property in the area as a result of this. 

Also, as we mentioned before, Wrexham University is situated near the town centre, making it an excellent place for student accommodation opportunities where you can capitalise on having more than one tenant in your buy-to-let property. 

Buy-to-let property investment hotspots in Wrexham

Residential houses in Wrexham

According to Houses for Sale and To Rent, the average amount of rent that is expected in Wrexham is £912 pcm, but let’s take a deeper look at the best places for your investment.    

LL11 Postcode – Rental yield of 4.83%

Wrexham town centre

Wrexham town centre is a busy hub that attracts a mix of students, young professionals, and families. With major regeneration projects underway and the presence of Wrexham Glyndŵr University, the demand for rental properties here is high. 

The area offers a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options that make it an attractive place to live. Properties near key amenities, such as the Eagles Meadow shopping centre and the Wrexham General train station, are particularly sought after, promising high rental yields and low vacancy rates.


Just to the north of the town centre, Gwersyllt offers a more residential setting with excellent transport links back into Wrexham and further afield to Chester and Liverpool via train. 

This area is perfect for families and professionals looking for a quieter lifestyle without straying too far from urban conveniences. The local schools and parks are a draw for tenants with children, making it a stable area for long-term rental investments.

Brymbo and Tanyfron

To the west of Wrexham, the areas of Brymbo and Tanyfron are witnessing significant growth due to new housing developments and the rejuvenation of former industrial sites. These areas are becoming increasingly popular among those who appreciate the blend of rural and suburban living. 

The new developments are particularly attractive for tenants looking for modern living spaces, and these localities offer the potential for capital growth as the area continues to develop.

LL12 Postcode – Rental yield of 4.14%


Known for its lovely residential neighbourhoods and good schools, Acton is an ideal spot for family-oriented rentals. Properties here can attract higher rental prices due to the desirability of the area, particularly around Acton Park, a beautiful locale that adds to the area’s charm. 

Investing in family homes in this district could yield substantial returns due to the consistent demand from locals and newcomers looking for a friendly community vibe. 

LL13 Postcode – Rental yield of 4.09%


Rhosnesni lies close to the town centre and is well-liked by both young professionals and families. The area’s residential appeal is levelled up even more by good local schools and excellent amenities, including supermarkets and leisure facilities. 

With a mix of traditional houses and newer developments, Rhosnesni offers diverse property options for investors looking to cater to a broad tenant base.

Investment considerations

When investing in Wrexham, it’s essential to consider both the type of property and the target demographic. Proximity to key amenities like schools, parks, and transport links can significantly impact the attractiveness of a property. 

Also, staying informed about planned local developments can help you anticipate shifts in demand and property values.

Wrexham’s diverse neighbourhoods and its status as an economic and educational hub in North Wales make it a promising location for buy-to-let property investments. By targeting the right areas and understanding the needs of your tenants, you can tap into the potential for solid returns in this dynamic and growing market. 

Whether you’re looking to cater to families, students, or professionals, Wrexham provides ample opportunities to make the most of your investment.

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