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Letting out Houses in Multiple Occupation have significantly higher risks than other property types. So get protected with specialist HMO landlord insurance with CIA.
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What is HMO landlord insurance?

HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) landlord insurance is specialist cover for landlords that own and rent out properties that are classified as HMOs.

With high house prices and the cost of living crisis, more people are sharing accommodation and looking to rent a HMO. Therefore, this is a great investment opportunity for landlords as it should be easy to find paying tenants.

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What does HMO insurance cover?

HMO landlord insurance typically provides landlord insurance specifically for HMO properties.

HMO landlords' insurance will cover your property for perils such as fire, flood and escape of water and certain policies will allow you to add cover for accidental damage and malicious damage. Here at CIA, we can provide different levels of cover to suit your individual budget and requirements.

What isn't covered?

Wear and tear are not cover under any insurance policy and HMO landlord insurance is no exception. HMO landlords must ensure their property has a valid HMO licence where required and complies with all regulations. (Check with your local council and the government website).

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Landlord building insurance covers the costs of repairing and rebuilding your property if it should get damaged as a result of any insured peril such as a fire, storm, or flood. Typically, this includes cover for the roof, floors and walls, as well as any permanent fixtures, such as kitchen cabinets and bathroom suites.

Insuring a HMO is riskier for providers as there are more tenants to cause damage and make claims. Therefore, it is harder to find providers that will accept your insurance application, and the cost may be higher.

With CIA, you can be confident in finding the right cover at a competitive price. We compare HMO landlord insurance from 9 providers to get you the best deal. Our experts will understand your needs to ensure you only pay for what you need.

For the insurance policy to be valid, the address must be registered as a HMO and the property must be the occupant's main place of residence.

Do I need insurance for HMOs?

A standard landlord insurance policy won't protect your investment if you rent out a HMO. You need specialist HMO insurance that reflects your HMO licence whether it's for a small HMO or a larger property that needs complex licensing.

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How to get cheaper HMO landlord insurance

The cost of HMO landlord insurance will depend on the location of the property, its size, the type of building, the number of tenants and the number of households.

CIA covers various tenant types including DSS, students, asylum seekers and professionals. Riskier tenants such as DSS will come with a higher premium, whereas your insurance may be lower if you rent to professionals.

We cover many building types too, including flats, student accommodation, houses and cottages. If you have a property portfolio, get your insurance sorted under one policy and get a multiple property discount with us.

Do I need HMO landlord insurance if I have landlord cover already?

Standard landlord insurance won't cover a HMO. If you already have a landlord insurance policy and begin renting out your property to multiple people from different households, you will need to change it to HMO insurance. Contact your insurer to update your protection to HMO landlord insurance.

As a standard landlord insurance policy isn't valid for HMOs, the insurer can refuse to pay out so inform your provider immediately. If your current provider doesn't offer HMO insurance, or if they offer you an expensive quote, CIA can help.

We compare quotes from 9 leading insurers to find you the best deal. Get a quote today.

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