When you are a landlord, there may be occasions where you are offered asylum seekers as tenants whilst the process to find them permanent accommodation is conducted. 

Can landlords rent to asylum seekers? 

As a landlord, you may be working with a community support scheme to habilitate asylum seekers at their most vulnerable moments. 

While you’ll have support from the home office and your community support scheme representative, you’ll also be keen to protect your rental property and safeguard your asset. 

What support is offered to landlords?

Landlords can visit our Advice Centre to discover more information about how to go through the process of housing an asylum seeker. 

Asylum seekers will often be paying for rent via universal credit or through benefits. Your local council will guide you through this process before the tenancy begins. 

What are Right to Rent checks for asylum seekers?

You may want to explore the difference in the Right to Rent checks when your tenant is considered an asylum seeker. You can view more information on this via our Advice Centre.

What to do if you are a landlord renting to an asylum seeker

If this is a situation you have found yourself in, at CIA we are on hand to take away the difficulty of finding cost-effective insurance cover by offering specialist asylum seekers landlord insurance policies.

Offering insurance which covers all the basic essentials including building, contents and property owners’ liability, alongside standard accidental damage cover, you can benefit from increased peace of mind that you are financially protected when choosing this type of tenant.

Competitively Priced Insurance Quotes

Working with a panel of leading insurers, we are proud to be able to offer you some of the most competitive quotes for asylum seekers insurance on the market. We are well worth a go when you are on the lookout for the best insurance policy to meet your needs, and the process of getting a quote couldn’t be easier.

To find out more about Asylum Seeker insurance, or regarding any of the other specialised policies we can offer, give us a call today on 01788 818 670.

Asylum Seekers FAQs

Do asylum seekers get free housing?

Asylum seekers’ rent is covered by benefits or universal credit. This will be organised by your local community support scheme. Once a person’s status changes from asylum seeker to refugee, they are no longer eligible for asylum seeker housing.
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Do asylum seekers have to pay council tax?

No, asylum seekers do not have to pay council tax. Your local council will offer advice and support on how this is covered.
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What are the new rules for asylum seekers in the UK?

The Nationality and Borders Act 2022 changed family reunion rights available to some refugees who apply for asylum on or after 28 June 2022. The new rules state: Adults granted refugee status would only be automatically entitled to sponsor someone if they were granted “refugee permission to stay” as a group 1 refugee. Find out more here.
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Are asylum seekers allowed to rent a house?

Your local community support scheme will be overseeing the rehousing of any asylum seekers. This is in order to protect their safety, habilitation and the protection of your property as well.
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