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Who is classed as a professional tenant?

A professional tenant is anyone who is in employment and earning a regular income. Single tenants are often attracted to properties close to town or city centres with good access to amenities such as train stations, bars and restaurants. Many families are also professional tenants and will be attracted to properties near good schools and a child-friendly community..

Professional tenants are attractive to many landlords as they have a steady income and often a good level of disposable income. They typically rent for longer periods of time in the right place.

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What is landlord insurance for professional tenants?

Landlord insurance for professional tenants is specifically designed to cover the risks associated with letting a property to professional tenants. Professional tenants are defined as tenants who are in employment and able to pay their own rent.

If you rent to many professionals living in the same property, you may want to consider our HMO insurance.

What does landlord insurance for DSS tenants cover?

Landlord insurance generally includes landlord buildings insurance to cover structural repairs, landlord contents insurance to cover the contents you provide as well as:

  • Property Owners Liability
  • Loss of Rent or Temporary Accommodation
  • Unoccupancy period
  • Standard Accidental Damage

You can choose to add on

  • Full Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Damage by tenants (maximum £5,000)
  • Theft by Tenants (maximum £5,000)
  • Legal Protection

Our expert says...

Jackie Compton - Sales General Manager

How much does landlord insurance for professional tenants cost?

Landlord insurance for professional tenants is usually cheaper than other tenant types such as DSS and students. This is because professional tenants have higher, regular incomes and are less likely to cause damage to the property.

As well as the tenant type, several factors are considered when quoting for landlord insurance including, the level of cover, property age, size and location, the type of tenancy agreement and your claims history.

CIA compares quotes for landlord insurance for professionals across 9 leading insurers to get you the best deal. Our experts can advise you on ways to get cheaper insurance too.

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Why Do I Need Landlord Insurance For Professional Tenants?

Of all the various tenants you can have as a landlord, professionals are usually considered to be the most sought-after, thanks to the reliability that comes with knowing they enjoy a regular income.

However, this doesn't mean that something unexpected won't occur, so it is still essential that you have landlord insurance in place. Here at CIA Insurance, we can provide competitively priced insurance for professionals that will cover you if something goes wrong.

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