• What type of landlord insurance do I need?

    There are a few different insurance options for landlords. Which one you choose will depend on the specific risks you feel that it’s most important to cover against. The most common product and the one that we sell here at CIA Insurance is buildings and/or contents insurance. It’s also the most complex and extensive.

    Our landlord insurance can include either buildings only, contents only or both if required. The other benefits of our policy can include loss of rent, accidental damage, malicious damage or theft by tenants, employers liability, property owners liability and unoccupied property cover.

    There are two other options that you could consider; legal protection as a standalone policy or combined with rent guarantee insurance. Legal protection will cover costs once an eviction notice has been served to take the tenants through the courts if they refuse to leave the property and rent guarantee insurance covers against your tenants failing to pay, which is perfect for landlords who rely on their rental payments.