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What is Pub and Restaurant Insurance?

Pub and restaurant insurance from CIA Insurance is a specialised type of business insurance that covers potential risks and damages associated with running a hospitality venue. It protects against incidents such as property damage, theft, and customer injuries, and can also include liability coverage for issues that occur within your premises. Coverage options are varied, allowing you to tailor a policy that suits the unique needs and budget of your business. Our expert team is on hand to assist you in selecting the perfect policy.

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What does Pub and Restaurant Insurance cover?

Household insurance typically covers damage to your home from fires, storms, and other natural disasters, as well as theft or vandalism of personal possessions. It also provides liability protection for injuries on your property or damages to others’ property. 

Many of our policies include coverage for living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable due to these events. Coverage details can vary, so it’s crucial to review your policy carefully. Our team is here to assist you in finding the right coverage.

Our Standard Package Policy offers a robust range of covers, ensuring that every aspect of your pub or restaurant is protected. Coverage details can vary, so it’s crucial to review your policy options carefully. Our expert team is always on hand to help you tailor the right coverage to meet the specific needs of your business.

Pub and restaurant insurance is designed to comprehensively protect your business from a range of risks. This insurance typically covers:

  • Damage to premises: Protection against fires, storms, and other natural disasters.
  • Theft and vandalism: Coverage for theft or damage of property.
  • Liability protections: Includes Public Liability, Employer Liability, and Product Liability to safeguard against injuries to customers or damage to third-party property.
  • Business Interruption: Assists with financial losses if your establishment must close temporarily.
  • Money and Legal Expenses: Covers loss of money from business premises and legal costs due to claims.

What isn’t covered?

Pub and restaurant insurance typically provides extensive coverage to protect businesses in the hospitality industry from a range of risks. However, like all insurance policies, there are exclusions that are typically not covered. Here are some common exclusions in pub and restaurant insurance:

  1. Wear and Tear: Damage resulting from normal wear and tear over time is usually not covered. This includes gradual deterioration of equipment or the premises.
  2. Intentional Damage: Any damage deliberately caused by the business owner or employees is generally excluded from coverage.
  3. Pest Infestations: Damage caused by pests, such as rodents or insects, is usually not covered.
  4. Business Interruption without Direct Physical Loss: Business interruption insurance generally only kicks in if there is a direct physical loss from a covered peril. Losses from other interruptions, such as a drop in tourism, are not covered.
  5. Employee Theft: Losses due to theft by employees may require a separate fidelity bond or insurance rider.
  6. Mechanical Breakdowns: Equipment breakdowns due to mechanical issues are often not covered under standard property insurance and might need additional machinery breakdown insurance.
  7. Loss of Cash through Accounting Errors: Financial losses due to errors in accounting or theft of unrecorded cash are not covered.

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Additional Cover Available

We provide a comprehensive suite of additional coverage options to customise your pub and restaurant insurance according to your unique requirements. Each of these tailored options ensures that every aspect of your venue is protected, giving you peace of mind to focus on running your business.

Additional coverage options available in our policies include:

  • Building, Contents, and Stock (including spirits and tobacco) : Ensures your physical assets are protected.
  • Loss of Licence and Late Licence: Covers risks associated with losing your operating license and extends coverage for late operating hours.
  • Glass and Accidental Damage: For breakage of glass and unintentional damage to other assets.
  • Deep Fat Frying Ranges: For equipment up to 10 years old.

Additionally, we offer landlord insurance for let properties, ensuring comprehensive protection for all aspects of your home and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I select the appropriate insurance for my pub or restaurant?

Evaluate the most critical areas of your business that need protection. Consider if you require Buildings, Contents, Stock coverage, or a comprehensive policy that includes all. Estimate the value of your assets and potential business risks to secure sufficient coverage.
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What steps should I take if I need to file an insurance claim for my pub or restaurant?

Immediately contact us and provide all relevant documentation related to the incident. This includes photographs of the damage, any police reports if applicable, and a complete list of damaged or stolen items.
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What strategies can help reduce insurance costs for my pub or restaurant?

Reducing insurance premiums can be achieved by installing advanced security systems like CCTV and sophisticated alarms. Developing a comprehensive risk management plan and regularly training staff on safety measures can also help lower insurance costs. Adjust your coverage based on changes in your business size or services to avoid being over-insured.
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What does accidental damage cover include in pub and restaurant insurance?

Accidental damage coverage is an optional extra that safeguards against unexpected events, such as accidental kitchen fires or the breakage of glassware during daily operations. While not typically included in basic policies, this coverage can be added at an additional cost to enhance your protection against unforeseen incidents.
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