An aerial view of Peterborough

Peterborough is a wonderful location to live, work, and raise a family. It also has excellent transport connections, and it is just a 52-minute train journey to King’s Cross in London. Investing in property in Peterborough is a great choice for first-time buy-to-let landlords because the city is such an appealing place to live. Stick with us for Peterborough’s top buy-to-let areas for first-time landlords!

An aerial view of Peterborough

Being a buy-to-let landlord for the first time in Peterborough will give you a lot to think about, and you must do your research on which neighbourhoods to invest in. We at CIA Landlords have over two decades of experience in offering specialist landlord insurance in Peterborough, which means we know which buy-to-let areas offer the best opportunities for first-time landlords. Call us on 01788 818 670 or get a quote today to discover more about the competitive landlord insurance rates we offer.

We have chosen to focus on buy-to-lets in the areas of Castor, Hampton and Hampton Vale, Orton Waterville, and Werrington in Peterborough. Carry on reading to find out more about Peterborough’s top buy-to-let areas for first-time landlords. 

Average house prices for buy-to-let landlords in different areas of Peterborough

First-time buy-to-let landlords should always look out for bargain properties that enable them to make a decent rental yield in the future. The average property price in Peterborough is £285,000, which is significantly lower than the England & Wales average property price of £354,000. 

Look in the right places and keep your overheads low, and you could turn owning a buy-to-let in Peterborough into a sound investment that provides you with passive income. 

Location, location, location is an essential consideration for all buy-to-let investors, and this is also the case in Peterborough. 

Orton Waterville has the most affordable house prices

House prices are an important factor for buy-to-let investors in Peterborough to bear in mind. According to the data we found through Rightmove for detached, semi-detached, and terraced houses in Peterborough areas in the tables below, Orton Waterville is the neighbourhood with the most affordable average house prices. With its village atmosphere and historic buildings, Orton Waterville could be a great place for you to purchase a buy-to-let in Peterborough.

The close-knit area of Werrington in the north of Peterborough came just behind Orton Waterville and had the second most affordable house prices. First-time buy-to-let investors take note, getting a rental property in Werrington could also be a good investment.  

Castor has the highest average house prices

Castor or ‘Castor and Ailsworth’ in Peterborough has a picturesque English village to it. Castor is a highly sought-after area with renters and buyers, so it is hardly a surprise that the data shows that homes are more expensive to purchase in the area. But if you find a property in Castor at a fair price, do it up nicely and rent it to tenants at a high rate, you can still make good rental yields on buy-to-lets in the area.


Ranking (Cheapest-most expensive) Area of Peterborough Average cost of a detached property
1 Orton Waterville £340,220
2 Werrington £382,226
3 Hampton and Hampton Vale £389,542
4 Castor £520,000


Ranking (Cheapest-most expensive) Area of Peterborough Average cost of a semi detached property
1 Werrington £240,822
2 Orton Waterville £266,056
3 Hampton and Vale £277,956
4 Castor £325,000


Ranking (Cheapest-most expensive) Area of Peterborough Average cost of a terraced property
1 Orton Waterville £185,312
2 Werrington £192,103
3 Hampton and Hampton Vale £240,603
4 Castor £302,500



Average rent prices in Peterborough

We can’t talk about the top buy-to-let areas of Peterborough without considering rent prices. Let’s take a look at areas in Peterborough where buy-to-let investors can expect to earn the highest rent by looking at average rent prices in Castor, Hampton and Hampton Vale, Orton Waterville, and Werrington.

Castor has the highest average rent prices 

Tenants living in a quaint green area like Castor, Peterborough will be blessed with an excellent location. The data we have found tells you that buy-to-let investors in Peterborough can expect the highest average rent prices in the city, which is currently at £2,456 per month in the area. This is more than double the average monthly rent in the Werrington area. 

Hampton and Hampton Vale have the second highest average rent prices in Peterborough

Hampton and Hampton Vale are popular choices amongst rental tenants. Why not get yourself a buy-to-let in the new build housing developments in Hampton or Hampton Vale? According to the data, Hampton and Hampton Vale have the second highest average rent prices out of the areas of Peterborough we looked at. 

Ranking (highest-lowest rent) Area of Peterborough Average monthly rent prices
1 Castor £2,456
2 Hampton and Hampton Vale £1,300
3 Orton Waterville £1,154
4 Werrington £1,042




Hampton and Hampton Vale is the most affluent area of Peterborough

We decided to record the average annual salaries in each area to tell you about the most affluent areas of Peterborough. After all, every first-time buy-to-let landlord will want to rent to people who can reliably pay their rent in full and on time.

Hampton and Hampton Vale are joined to one another. The data revealed that out of the 4 Peterborough areas we focussed on, the residents of Hampton and Hampton Vale had the highest salary, at an average of £51,800 per year.

Ranking (highest-lowest) Area of Peterborough Average annual salary
1 Hampton and Hampton Vale £51,800
2 Castor £50,900
3 Orton Waterville £50,900
4 Werrington £40,500




Crime rates in areas of Peterborough

As a first-time landlord, you need to realise that your tenants will care about living in a safe neighbourhood with low crime. Just like in any city around the world, there is some crime in Peterborough. The overall crime rate in Peterborough in 2022 was 122 crimes per 1,000 people. 

Castor has the lowest crime rate

Castor is by far the safest area in Peterborough. The data we gathered shows there was only a total of 5 offences committed in Castor and the immediate surrounding area in March 2023. 

The second safest area in Peterborough is Werrington, where 294 crimes were recorded in March 2023. 


Ranking (highest-lowest) Area of Peterborough Crime rate (Total number of offences in March 2023)
1 Castor 5
2 Werrington 294
3 Hampton and Hampton Vale 331
4 Orton Waterville 505



Werrington has the best schools for children

If you are hoping to target family tenants, they will want to rent somewhere near good schools for their children. Looking at OFSTED report ratings is a great way for parents to judge the quality of schools in local areas, and inspections in recent years have become stricter and receiving a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding rating’ is now tougher.

Werrington is home to two schools with good/outstanding OFSTED ratings, and therefore renting a buy-to-let in this area of Peterborough could be a real attraction for family rental tenants. 


Ranking (highest-lowest number) Area of Peterborough Number of ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ OFSTED rated local primary and secondary schools
1 Werrington 2
2 Castor 1
3 Hampton and

Hampton Vale

4 Orton Waterville 0




Despite purchase cost of houses in the area being high, Castor is the top area for first-time landlords in Peterborough. The Castor area came out on top for crucial factors impacting landlord properties, including having the highest average rental prices and the lowest crime rate.

Closely after Castor in second place was Hampton and Hampton Vale, this is because you can get a healthy average monthly rent there as a landlord of £1,300. Owning a buy-to-let in Hampton and Hampton Vale, you will also be able to attract professionals with stable incomes since the average yearly salary among its residents is £51,800. 


We first used data on house prices for different types of properties and average rent prices to depict the sorts of rent yields first-time landlords could expect to make on properties in different areas of Peterborough. 

We then used the areas’ postcodes in Peterborough to get data on the average annual salary of residents in the different neighbourhoods, an important statistic if landlords want to rent to tenants with reliable incomes. We also drew on local crime stats to represent the safest areas of Peterborough. 

Finally, we knew that having local schools nearby could be a crucial factor for rental tenants living with children. We therefore found data on the number of ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ rated primary and secondary schools in each of the four areas of Peterborough we looked at.


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