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A new study by CIA Landlord highlights the most popular budget DIY projects people have been doing during lockdown and the value that they add to your home!

During lockdown, more than 56% of Brits engaged in DIY projects around the home with online sales of home improvement and gardening retail products growing by almost 50%.

A new study by CIA Landlord has found the most popular and valuable DIY projects you can undertake to improve the value of your home. The study reveals the most cost-effective DIY projects Brits can easily undertake and how much more prospective homeowners and renters are willing to pay for a home with these features.

A Home Office Is the Most Valuable DIY Feature With 27% of Brits Wanting One in Their Future Home

With so many Brits working from home, it’s no surprise that a home office is the most valuable addition to your home. Landlords and homeowners wishing to up their homes market price should consider installing the home office of roughly £1,715 to significantly improve its value.

When creating a home office, it’s important to use your space effectively and avoid creating a cluttered environment if the room is smaller than average. Creating a poor home office could put you or your tenants health at risk so it’s important to consider all the aspects you would find in a regular office. It’s important to invest in the right equipment and it’s worth spending a bit more to ensure your technology is up to date and working properly.

A good WIFi connection is crucial, as well as a plug extension with multiple sockets, a monitor, speakers and a chair which supports your neck and back. When choosing a space, look for lots of  natural daylight and a colour scheme which is either neutral shades like grey and cream to avoid distractions or incorporate purple or yellow which is known to stimulate the imagination

New Carpets, Curtains and Lights Are Some of the Most Valuable and Affordable DIY Projects Brits Can Do

Most manufacturers advise replacing a carpet every 10 years, as signs of wear show on the major walkways. Costing typically, £700 pounds to install, 43% of women in the UK say they would pay more for a home with this feature. New curtains on the other hand cost only £23.50 to do yourself and 25% of people looking to rent would pay a significant amount more for this surprisingly affordable feature.

New lights are another simple and cost-effective DIY project costing as little as £7. However, with more than 28% of Brits willing to pay more for new lights in a home, this simple installation is not to be overlooked. The other most valuable DIY projects include:

DIY Home Feature Cost of DIY Home Feature % of Brits who would pay more for this DIY Feature Overall Score
Home office £1,715.00 27% 7.4
New carpet £700-£800 37% 6.6
Garden furniture £9 – £584 20% 6.3
Bar From £1,610 14% 5.5
New curtains From £23.50 21% 5.0
Lights From £6.87 28% 3.6
Laminate worktops £20-£400 19% 3.3
Sink renovation £400 18% 2.8
Plants From £2 16% 2.7
Painted front door £12 20% 2.3

Painted Floorboards, Cabinets and Sinks Are the Least Valuable DIY Projects You Can Undertake in Your Home

Conversely, while painting your cabinets and sinks is an affordable task to take on, less than 10% of Brits deem value to the upgraded features. Painting your floorboards garners a similar response throughout the UK in everywhere but Northern Ireland, where 24% are willing to fork out more for a home with the £24 project carried out.

While a home bar seems beneficial in theory, prices start from £1,610 to install yourself and only 14% of the UK feel it adds much value to a prospective home. The other least valuable projects include:

DIY Home Feature Cost of DIY Home Feature % of Brits who would pay more for this DIY Feature Overall Score
Painted sink £12 7% 1.0
Painted cabinets £12 10% 1.3
Painted floorboards £24 12% 1.5
Cabinet handles From £2 12% 1.6
House Numbers £12 12% 1.6
Painted shed From £21.99 13% 1.8
Wainscotting £300 to £400 8% 1.9
Splashbacks From £64.29 14% 2.1
Painted ceiling £24 18% 2.2
Cushions From £14 12% 2.3

Amazon, John Lewis, IKEA and Debenhams Are the Most Trusted Brands to Invest in for Your DIY Projects and Furniture

When looking to invest in new pieces of furniture, paint or tools for your DIY project, 40% of Brits would trust Amazon’s products. Similarly, John Lewis, Ikea and Debenhams are top contenders for home improvement buyers. Ikea is the most trusted among the younger demographic with 53% of those under 24 happy to invest there while John Lewis is the favourite among those 55 and older.

On the other hand, some of the least trusted brands include Loaf, Go Modern, Swoon and the Wallpaper store with less than 6% of Brits trusting these stores for home improvement purchases.

The other top trusted home improvement brands include:

Brand % of Brits who trust them
Amazon 40%
John Lewis 38%
Ikea 35%
Debenhams 29%
Dunelm 27%
Aldi 23%
DFS 20%
Habitat 17%
The Range 17%
H&M Home 17%

Bosch Is the Nation’s Most Trusted Home Appliance Brand Followed by Dyson, Samsung and Black & Decker

More than half of the UK population would trust Bosch products more than any other in a home and with 71% of those 65 years old and older trusting it above all other products, the German brand has been a favourite for generations.

Bosch is followed by Dyson, Samsung, Black & Decker and Russell Hobbs, the most trustworthy home appliance brands in the UK. Whirlpool, KitchenAid and Frigidaire on the other hand are some of the least trusted brands among the UK population.

The most trusted home appliance brands include:

Brand % of Brits who trust them
Bosch 53%
Dyson 49%
Samsung 46%
Black & Decker 37%
Russell Hobbs 34%
Philips 34%
LG 34%
Hoover 31%
Kenwood 31%
Tefal 25%

DIY projects not only add value to your home but can also benefit your mental health. 40% of Brits say that engaging in DIY makes them feel satisfied and it can also help you learn a new skill with more than a third of Brits eager to learn more homemaking skills.

“Taking part in activities that engage self-discipline, willpower and diligence have been shown to have a positive influence on brain health. Whether this is sticking with positive lifestyle choices, committing to regular attendance at a class or upholding a specific responsibility to others, the process of exerting a level of discipline is great for brain maintenance in later life.” says Dr. Rachel M Allan, Chartered Counselling Psychologist


The most popular DIY projects were selected by search volume data using Ahrefs and analysing the top DIY projects undertaken during lockdown alongside survey results from a survey carried out in July 2020 among 1000 UK respondents who are looking to buy or rent a home in the next year.

Survey Results

A study was conducted in association with One Poll in July 2020 among 1000 UK respondents who are looking to buy or rent a home in the next year.


Full data is available upon request.

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