Image of a stressed landlord.

While the vast majority of tenants pay rent on time and look after the property, this isn’t always the case. we take take a closer look at the proverbial ‘tenants from hell’ and just how bad some tenants can be.

Hopefully, though, you’ll never have to deal with a ‘ tenant from hell’ that is truly as awful as these examples.

The graffiti on the wall… and ceilings

Graffiti inside your property, uncleaned, can be a great inconvenience, not to mention how disrespectful it is.

One report in the Daily Mail from March 2022 provides an example of how foul some tenants can be. A tenant of a two bedroom flat in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset graffitied walls and ceilings, including expletives directed towards the landlord, causing £2,000 in damage. A local decorator described it as the ‘worst residential job’ he had ever faced.

Image of a graffitied bedroom and a shed packed with household junk.

Add such issues as stained mattresses, discarded children’s toys in the bedrooms, a smashed front window, bathroom tiles ripped off the wall, holes in the garage roof and piles of rubbish, and it’s fair to say the tenants who left behind such problems can truly be described as ‘tenants from hell’.

The cannabis farm

In early 2023, a landlord was left £15,000 out of pocket after tenants transformed his home into a cannabis farm. Getting your money back in such circumstances can be a long journey. Do you have suspicions that your property has been turned into a cannabis farm? Call the police if you have proof or ask tenants’ permission for a property inspection, providing at least 24 hours’ notice.

Image of a cannabis farm and wads of £20 notes.

Tenants living rent-free

It’s common for landlords to go through the hassle of trying to evict tenants, only for them to stay put without paying rent. Illegal renting is punishable by up to five years in prison, and politely remind your tenants of this in your letters. Be calm yet assertive when dealing with unpaid rent. Patience is also crucial since these issues can drag on.

The cost of living crisis has impacted everyone. So, before taking any action, firstly try to understand your tenant’s situation and why they may be struggling with rent.

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