Local Property Statistics

How much do you actually know about your local area? Are you aware of your exceedingly good crime statistics or your above-average house prices? Are you worried about moving to a new area due to house prices or rumours you’ve heard from others? Well, now you can check! Our local property statistic generator is up and running!

How Much is My House Worth?

Around 18,000 people in the UK search for “How much is my house worth” every month! We decided to help users understand information about their local area by providing average property values and crime statistics. There’s a search function included which allows you to look up statistics for neighbouring areas or areas throughout the UK that you are thinking of moving to.

It’s easy to understand too! Average house prices are split into detached, semi-detached, terraced and flat maisonette sections. This gives you a more accurate reflection of property values for the different-sized properties in your area. The crime statistics section gives you an overall crime score for your area. We then split these stats into sections, giving you an indication of the most prominent types of crime in your area.

Your Local Area Statistics

Not only does this help you investigate areas you are thinking of moving to but it’s great for sharing with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Take pride in how well your local area is doing or help drive change in areas that aren’t doing as well. Use the crime statistics to see where problems in your local communities really lie. You can even try and see if there is a direct correlation between house prices and crime statistics too (you’d be surprised with some of the results!).

How Does The Generator Work?

The local area statistics generator uses your I.P. address, automatically bringing through information on your local area. The data provided comes straight from the APIs of the Land Registry and Police, so you can trust that the data is accurate and up to date!

Now you know what our local property statistic generator does go ahead and use it! Enjoy sharing your results with your friends, family and connections in your local area. Feel free to embed it on your site too (all we ask is that you credit CIA-Landlords Insurance)!

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