Want to add value to your buy-to-let home for the post-lockdown boom? According to our study, make sure to highlight gardens, natural light and large bedrooms!

With Brits across the country continuing to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, spending all that time indoors has encouraged millions to take up DIY projects in a bid to improve the overall surroundings of their new offices.

In order to uncover shifts in the UK’s most valuable and desired home features, CIA Landlord asked 1000 Brits what they’re looking for in their next home post-lockdown.

Ranked: The UK’s Most Desired Post-Lockdown Home Features

Gardens have been revealed as the most popular feature Brits are looking for in their next home, followed by lots of natural light and large bedrooms. The importance of having an outdoor space to enjoy during lockdown has made its mark with over 44% of Brits wanting their own piece of nature in their next home.

The survey revealed that for a home with these 10 most desired features, Brits would pay on average a whopping £89,942 more on top of their current budget!

Rank Home Feature % of Brits Who Want this Feature
1 A garden 44%
2 Lots of natural light 36%
3 Large bedroom 34%
4 Storage space 33%
5 Fast internet available 31%
6 Large living room 31%
7 Cleanliness 30%
8 En-suite bathroom 27%
9 Garage 26%
10 Several bedrooms 26%

Fast internet makes the top 5 features as thousands of Brits are spending lots of time at home for work making internet speed a very important factor.

Of the most popular features, a third of Brits also selected cleanliness as an important feature that will attract buyers.

More Than a Quarter of Brits Say New Carpets, Lights and Home Offices Will Add the Most Value to Homes This Year!

New carpets, lights and a home office adds the most value to a home according to Brits who ranked popular DIY projects that have taken up during lockdown.

When asked what DIY improvements or amenities would add value to a home, newly painted ceilings & front doors and even plants made the top 10 most valuable to implement on a budget too.

Rank Home Feature Percentage of Brits
1 New carpet 37%
2 Lights 28%
3 Home office 27%
4 New curtains 21%
5 Painted front door 20%
6 Garden furniture 20%
7 Laminate worktops 19%
8 Painted ceiling 18%
9 Sink renovation 18%
10 Plants 16%

Brits Looking to Spend on Average £324,701 on a Post-Lockdown Home in the Next Year

According to our findings, the average home price for the UK post-lockdown will be £324,701 in the next year.

The gap between different genders owning homes is also apparent with British men looking to buy a home worth on average £362,404 versus females at £284,025.

The above table identifies the average house prices by age group in the next year, with Gen Z’s looking to spend £232,813 vs. boomers at over £292,722. The highest age bracket will be 45 to 54 year olds looking to spend an average of £340,278!

UK House Price Averages Within Next Year by Age Group
18 to 24 £232,813
25 to 34 £348,109
35 to 44 £337,406
45 to 54 £340,278
55 to 64 £292,722
65 and over £316,146
Average £324,701

Countryside, Quiet Roads and Beaches Revealed as the Most Desired Post-Lockdown Areas for UK Buyers and Renters

Over the next year, the housing market will notice an increase in areas that are away from the hustle and bustle of highly populated areas.

Rank Home Area Brits Current Living Situation Desired Area Post-Lockdown Percentage Difference
1 The countryside 16% 26%↑ 10%
2 On a quiet road 26% 35%↑ 9%
3 Near a beach 11% 18%↑ 7%
4 Near friends 16% 20%↑ 4%
5 Near your or another resident’s place of work 12% 15%↑ 3%
6 Near family 20% 22%↑ 2%
7 City centre 17% 18%↑ 1%
8 Near shops 29% 29% 0%
9 Near a park 27% 25%↓ -2%
10 Commuter town 13% 10%↓ -3%
11 The suburbs or just outside a city 22% 18%↓ -4%
12 Near a pub/ restaurant 24% 19%↓ -5%
13 My family home 19% 14.%↓ -5%
14 Town/ village 31% 25%↓ -6%
15 On a busy road 14% 7%↓ -7%

There will be a shift in those living from the suburbs to further in the countryside with commuter towns noticing a further decrease as well.

Half of Brits Want to Move to Quiet Neighbourhoods, Low Crime-Rate Areas and Be Close to Amenities Post-Lockdown

When it comes to what type of neighbourhood Brits are looking to move to, the most important features go hand in hand with the type of areas Brits are looking for. A large percentage of brits want to move to areas that are quiet with almost a quarter wanting to be close to a hospital as well.

Rank Neighbourhood Percentage of Brits Who Want To Live Here
1 Quiet neighbourhood 50%
2 Low crime-rate area 48%
3 Close to amenities 44%
4 Good parking or off road parking 43%
5 Close to hospital, GP or pharmacy 21%
6 Close to specific school 17%
7 Lively neighbourhood 16%
8 Close to swimming pool, gym or sports facilities 16%
9 Not far from current home 16%
10 Private neighbourhood or gated estate 15%

Cottage, Urban Modern, Neutral and Coastal were Revealed as the Most Popular Interior Design Styles for Homes Post-Lockdown

Analysing the most popular design styles that Brits want post lockdown, more than a quarter of Brits are looking for homes that are either cottage, urban modern, neutral or coastal styles as the top 4 interior styles.

Interior Style Preference Percentage of Brits
Cottage 27%
Urban Modern 27%
Neutral 26%
Coastal 26%
Farmhouse 21%
Scandinavian 17%
Mid-Century Modern 14%
None of these 13%
Industrial 11%
Bohemian 11%
Shabby Chic 11%

When analysing regional preferences, Londoners opt for a more urban modern style while residents in Nottingham are looking for a coastal getaway style. Cottage-style homes are the most popular in East Anglia, the South West, Wales and Yorkshire while neutral homes take the top spot in the North West, Scotland and the West Midlands.

Region Interior Style Preference Percentage of Brits
East Anglia Cottage 34%
East Midlands Coastal 35%
London Urban Modern 36%
North East Coastal 37%
North West Neutral 31%
Scotland Neutral 26%
South East Mid-Century Modern 24%
South West Cottage 30%
Wales Cottage 28%
West Midlands Neutral 31%
Yorkshire and the Humber Cottage 31%

These Are the Worst Colours to Use in Your Post Lockdown Home, According to Brits

Our survey revealed the colours that were least popular to Brits that should be avoided when looking at upscaling your buy-to-let home. Pink, Turquoise and Indigo were revealed as the least popular colours with less than 3% of Brits wanting these colours.

Home Colour Percentage of Brits Who DON’T Want This Colour
Pink 98%
Turquoise 97%
Indigo 97%
Aquamarine 96%
Maroon 96%
Cyan 96%
Violet 96%
Purple 96%
Lime 96%


In order to uncover the most important home features for Brits post lockdown we partnered with One Poll to survey over 1000 Brits who are looking to rent or buy a home in the next year in July 2020.


Full data available upon request.

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