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Virtual property viewings have become increasingly popular since the pandemic. Virtual property viewings help save landlords both time and money through increased efficiency and convenience. 

In this article, we explore some of the key benefits of virtual property viewings for landlords.

What is a virtual property viewing?

A virtual property viewing is simply a way to view a property online, whether that be through a 3D tour or a video.

During the pandemic, it was the recommended way for people to view properties, and it has since become an incredibly popular choice for both tenants and especially landlords to filter out appropriate tenants simply and speedily.

Companies such as Zoopla have seen a 215% increase in virtual viewings on their site and believe they are a huge benefit for potential buyers. Check out this article for some of their top tips for producing virtual tours.

What is the best type of virtual property viewing for me?

An estate agent facilitating a virtual property viewing with a VR headset

There are a few ways you can implement virtual property viewings, including:

  • Pre-recorded video tour: You can pre-record a video of your property which potential tenants can view in their own time and as many times as they like.
  • 3D walk-throughs: This is a series of images that construct a 3D model where each of your rooms can be walked through with a 360-degree orientation.
  • Live video tour: For more serious tenants who might like to ask some questions too, it could be beneficial to arrange a live video call where you can take your potential tenants through each room.

Benefits of virtual property viewings for landlords

There are many benefits to offering virtual property viewings for landlords. From convenience to saving money, it is an ideal solution for landlords looking to advertise their rental properties.

Convenient and efficient

Imagine being able to offer the convenience of allowing tenants to view your property 24/7, as many times as they need to! With virtual property viewings, there is no need to waste time scheduling multiple in-person viewings with potential tenants. 

You can offer pre-recorded tours, resulting in less time cleaning and getting the property ready for each viewing. There is no need to be present at each viewing, so you don’t waste time waiting for potential tenants who might not even show up for in-person viewings.

Improved filtering of potential tenants

By offering virtual property viewings, you can ensure potential tenants have pre-screened the property and are serious about renting your property. It saves you time for uninterested viewers and allows you to provide in-person viewings to serious candidates who are more likely to become your future tenants. This allows you to find a tenant a lot faster and easier than with traditional in-person viewings.

Enhance marketing and tenant experience

There are various ways you can optimise your property viewings to showcase your property in the best light possible. Firstly, you can record your tour when the property is at its best. Secondly, your potential tenants can view your property at their own pace and time which suits them. Lastly, it also increases accessibility for those with busy schedules or physical limitations, enabling as many people as possible to view your property.

By enhancing the experience of viewing your property for tenants, you are more likely to find a suitable tenant a lot faster with higher demand due to increased viewings.

Cost effective

Virtual property viewings can also save you money – whether that’s less money spent cleaning the property for every viewing, or less money spent on petrol getting to and from the property each time. 

Thinking of offering virtual property viewings?

While there are many advantages to offering virtual property viewings, it is unlikely that they will completely replace in-person viewings. It is optimal to offer both virtual and in-person tours to find your ideal tenants so that they can see the property in person before making any decisions to ensure they are happy with everything.

If you don’t already offer virtual property viewings, we encourage you to consider the benefits and consider implementing them as part of your rental strategy.

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