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Student neighbourhoods tend to be found in urban areas where properties are a bit more affordably priced. HMO student rental properties can also offer landlords some of the highest rental yields. So, it is not surprising that as much as 11% of private landlords in the UK in 2021 let to students.  

At CIA Landlords, we have close connections with some of the best landlord insurance providers with tailor-made packages for student landlords. Here, we take a look at ways to make your rental property suitable for students.

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How to make your property more appealing to students 

With there being so many landlords looking to rent out their properties to students, you need to carefully consider how you will attract students to your property. 

Keep on top of cleaning and maintaining your property

Firstly, always make sure the place is spic and span when new students move in.

You must take ownership of looking after the wear and tear of the property. What’s more, it is also a good idea for the place to be lovely and clean for when prospective tenants visit for house viewings. 

If you use a letting agency or a property management service, then they may take care of the basic cleaning side of things for you between tenants. 

Taking care of essential property maintenance and repairs is all part of your responsibilities as a landlord towards tenants. In student properties with many tenants, remember that all tenants have the right to live in rented accommodation kept in a decent liveable condition by the landlord. You must be responsive to each individual tenant’s feedback on maintenance and repair matters. 

Falling short on property maintenance could lead to you losing money by tenants taking you to the small claims court or the local authority taking your HMO licence from you. Be sure you get it right.

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Provide useful furnishings and home equipment

It is also sensible to provide furnishings and home equipment that your student tenants will be able to get practical use out of. After all, students are after a relatively hassle-free experience when they move in, and won’t want to have to lug heavy items from their family home to your property.

When you have described a property as ready-furnished, students will expect to move in with the place being equipped with things such as

  • Furniture
  • Basic kitchen supplies including, cutlery, a few saucepans, plates, bowls, a kettle etc 
  • A television
  • A clothes-washing rack or laundry basket
  • Mirrors, bath mats and towel racks in bathroom areas
  • Study desks could also be a popular move with students

Student tenants are often sociable creatures who like relaxing and spending time in the lounge with their flatmates and friends, so, getting a large size well-padded lounge sofa may be a small investment that makes your property considerably more attractive to them.

Student communities are small places where news travels quickly. Therefore, it is in your best interests as a landlord to get into students’ good books by providing them with nice furnishings and home equipment so they can tell their friends your property is a good one to rent out. Safety first, remember to ensure all electrical equipment installed in the rental property is PAT tested. 

Think about little additions students may like

There are welcoming extras you can add to make your rental property even more well-suited for students. Game consoles, magazines, artwork, and household ornaments are examples of some fun additions which could make your property perfectly kitted out for student tenants. 

Extra storage 

Students renting accommodation from private landlords often complain about not having sufficient storage for their possessions. You can help them mitigate against their storage dilemmas as a landlord by doing as much as possible to maximise storage in the property, such as by getting freestanding wardrobes, creating extra pigeonhole shelving, pegboards, and beds with large under-the-bed storage drawers. 

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High-speed internet is a must

With modern technology and most lectures being recorded and available for students to recap when it comes to exam time, providing students with high-speed internet is a no-brainer. That’s not to mention the amount of internet usage student tenants can get through by using social media regularly or if they love online gaming!

Our advice is to shop around for the best deals for high-speed internet across multiple devices in the same household.

Install handy household appliances

Homes full of active students can produce heaps of washing up and laundry to take care of. Put a dishwasher and washing machine in your property and your student tenants may be eternally grateful for it. Just be sure to check that any household appliances you provide meet safety regulations and are energy efficient, particularly if you have included bills as part of the tenants’ rental package.

Getting the right landlord insurance package with more than adequate coverage is another key part of being a responsible student landlord. We are excellently placed here at CIA Landlords to help you with your landlord insurance needs, and we are a brokerage that prides itself on only working with the best in the business. 

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