From malicious damage to accidental scuffs and scrapes, as a landlord it’s important to know the difference between the two. Our property damage jargon buster provides you with a breakdown and definition of all the words and phrases that are commonly used throughout this section of our advice centre and might be confusing you.


Malicious Damage

Damage caused with intent and purpose, such as a punch in the wall.


Accidental Damage

Unexpected and unintentional damage, such as a burn in the carpet or a broken curtain pole..


Fair Wear and Tear

Damage that will inevitably occur as a result of the property being lived in, such as scuffs on the wall or worn carpet.



The outside of a property and it’s outer structure.



The inside of a property and it’s inner structure.



Failure to take proper care over something. For instance, a landlord may be negligent if they didn’t do the repair work needed in a home after being told about it and as a result, a tenant was injured or belongings were damaged.


Carbon Monoxide Alarm

An alarm that detects carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that is odorless, colourless and near enough impossible to identify.



A rain gutter is a water collection channel. Rain flows from the roof into the guttering to prevent erosion, mould, mildew or algae on the building’s foundations.


Cosmetic Damages

Damage that affects the appearance of a property without interfering with the function of the damaged area.


Reasonable Time

The time in which a landlord must action or respond to property damage. This is a slightly grey area but we recommend you do this within 24 hours so that your tenant knows that you are taking it seriously.


Gas Equipment

Gas is delivered to homes through pipes or tanks and used for space and water heating. It’s also often used in stoves, ovens, clothes dryers and other appliances.

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