Kitchen with white goods.

When we talk about white goods, we’re referring to large electrical household goods such as freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, and cookers. Some properties may not have white goods installed, which begs the question: are landlords responsible for white goods?

A collection of white goods.

From a legal standpoint, a landlord bears the responsibility of ensuring that all appliances they supply are in proper working condition. 

Are you a landlord who has chosen to furnish your rental property with an array of white goods? In that case, it’s advised that you take out specialist landlord insurance as backup or you could find yourself out of pocket.

Landlord contents insurance for white goods is a key component of the packages you can get through us at CIA Landlords. Let’s talk a little more about a landlord’s responsibility for white goods. 

Which white goods must landlords provide by law?

By law, you must provide the most basic of white goods. Even in ‘unfurnished’ properties, landlords are obliged by law to provide tenants with ‘adequate cooking facilities’. This means providing an oven, hob, or cooker. A freestanding microwave alone will not meet the ‘adequate cooking facilities’ requirement. 

Are landlords responsible for providing a fridge or freezer? 

No, landlords are not legally obliged to provide tenants with a fridge or freezer. However, providing fridges or freezers in your rental property can be a real point in your corner for prospective tenants. Just remember that you, not tenants, will be responsible for the condition and repairs of any fridges and freezers you supply. 

What are the benefits of supplying white goods for your rental property?

The advantages of going the extra mile to provide a decent amount of white goods for your rental property include:

  • The ability to advertise your property as ‘furnished’, which will attract more tenants
  • Being able to ask for higher rents 
  • Making a better impression on prospective tenants during house viewings 
  • Setting the foundations for a healthy working landlord-tenant relationship 

What are tenant responsibilities for white goods? 

The tenant is responsible for their possessions, and this includes any white goods that they own within the property. Therefore, if your tenant has supplied their own washing machine, then they will be responsible for its upkeep, repairs, and getting insurance that covers damage. 

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