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Moving into a new rental property is an exciting yet daunting process for many tenants. It involves not only a change of environment but also the challenge of settling into a new community and understanding the nuances of their new home. This is where a tenant welcome pack can make a significant difference. 

A well-constructed welcome pack not only eases the transition for tenants but also sets the tone for a positive landlord-tenant relationship. Here’s an in-depth look at what a tenant welcome pack is and what it should include.

What is a tenant welcome pack?

A tenant welcome pack is a curated collection of information and essentials that landlords provide to new tenants when they move in. Its primary purpose is to make the move smoother and to help tenants feel at home from the moment they step through the door. This pack can be delivered as a physical basket of items, a folder of documents, or even a digital collection of resources sent via email.

The inclusion of a welcome pack is meant to be a thoughtful gesture, but can also be a practical step in ensuring a successful tenancy. It can provide vital information about the property and the local area, reduce the need for tenants to contact you as the landlord frequently for minor queries, and help tenants comply with property rules from day one.

What’s included in a tenant welcome pack

As a landlord, you can become creative with creating your welcome pack, but there are also certain things that should be included to give your tenants as much information as possible. 

Welcome letter 

Start by writing a personalised welcome letter to your new tenants introducing them to the neighbourhood and your property. You can also use this as an opportunity for them to get to know you as the landlord or the property management team. This will set a friendly tone and will make them feel comfortable when needing to contact you for anything. 

A copy of your tenancy agreement

Including a copy of the tenancy agreement in the welcome pack is key. This will ensure that your tenants are fully reminded of what they have agreed to. 

At this point, your tenants would have already signed the tenancy agreement, but it is your responsibility to provide them with a copy. If you need advice on what needs to be included in a tenancy agreement, the National Residential Landlords Association provides guidance. 

Essential contacts 

It’s important to include a list of essential contacts in your welcome pack such as the property management team (as discussed), emergency maintenance services, and local emergency services like the nearest hospital, police station, and fire department. This is especially handy if your tenants are new to the area.

Local guide 

Provide a guide to the local area, highlighting nearby amenities such as grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, schools, and parks. Recommendations for local restaurants and entertainment spots can also be a great addition.

Property manual 

A property manual should detail how various appliances and systems in the property operate, such as the heating and cooling systems, washing machines, ovens, and security systems. It could also include troubleshooting tips for common issues. 

Emergency procedures 

Outline the steps to follow in case of emergencies like fires, floods, or gas leaks. Including the location of main switches for water, gas, and electricity can be particularly helpful.

Expectations and regulations 

Clearly outline your expectations surrounding the property, such as waste disposal schedules, parking regulations, pet policies, and other relevant community guidelines. This is especially important when it comes to any wear and tear that may occur.  

Essential certificates

There are a few essential certificates that you will need to provide your tenants in the welcome pack, too, including: 

  • Gas safety certificate: This proves that you’ve had a registered gas engineer check your appliances and fittings on your property. Checks need to take place once a year. 
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): You need to provide this at the beginning of each new tenancy. An EPC shows how energy-efficient your property is; your property needs to be scored at E, and by 2025, at C. 
  • Deposit protection certificate: You are legally required to sign up for a government-approved deposit protection scheme if your tenant has given you a deposit. Once you have put their deposit in the scheme, you will receive a certificate as proof. 

Gifts and extras 

If you feel that you want to, adding a few thoughtful gifts such as local snacks, coffee, tea, or even small household items can make tenants feel especially welcome. Coupons or gift cards from local independent businesses are also a nice touch and can help tenants explore their new neighbourhood.


We recommend that you also include an inventory in your welcome pack for both yourself and your tenant to sign. The inventory will detail everything that’s available in the house together with photos of the condition of each item, such as furniture, cutlery and crockery. 

An inventory with photos allows the condition of the property to be documented so that when the lease ends, there is a reference point to work against. If the condition of the property is below standard, you have the right to deduct money from the deposit.

Feedback form 

Encourage communication by including a feedback form in the pack. This can help you receive valuable insights into the rental experience and suggestions for any future improvements.

Why you should provide a tenant welcome pack

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By providing a tenant welcome pack, you can significantly enhance tenant satisfaction and retention. It helps in building a positive rapport right from the start, reducing misunderstandings, and creating a sense of community and belonging among new tenants.

A unique welcome pack can lead to better care of the property by well-informed tenants who feel genuinely valued in their new community. Providing your new tenants with a comprehensive welcome pack helps with longer tenancy periods and a cooperative relationship between yourself and tenants. 

Also, providing your tenants with a welcome pack helps make you look more professional and will garner trust from your tenants. You would also have ensured that your tenants have all the documents they need and require by law. 

A tenant welcome pack is a fundamental tool in establishing a successful, professional, and personal connection between landlords and tenants. Whether digital or physical, these packs significantly contribute to a positive move-in experience and set the stage for a happy, healthy renting relationship.

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