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Landlord insurance gives peace of mind that your investment property is protected against unexpected events. Compare landlord insurance quotes and get the cheapest deal with CIA Landlords.
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What is landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is a policy that financially protects landlords from risks associated with renting out a property. Also known as buy to let insurance, it usually covers for physical damage to the property and protects against liability claims from tenants or other third parties.

There are various optional extras for landlord insurance policies, such as loss of rent cover, malicious damage and property owners' liability. An insurance broker like CIA can help you decide what level of cover you need.

Providing tenants with a property to live in is a big responsibility. To enjoy the peace of mind that your rental property is protected, choose CIA Landlords for a great deal for the cover you need.

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What does landlord insurance cover?

You can tailor your landlord insurance policy depending on what you'd like to be covered for. The more cover you include, the higher your policy premiums will likely be. The different levels of cover you can choose from include:

  • Buildings only
  • Buildings & contents
  • Contents only (not including your tenant's belongings)
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Full accidental damage
  • Loss of rent
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Property owner's liability
  • Unoccupied property cover
  • Legal protection
  • Malicious damage caused by tenants up to a maximum of £5,000
  • Theft by tenants up to a maximum of £5,000
Optional Extras
  • Malicious Damage & Theft By Tenants
  • Trace & Access Cover (most policies)
  • Landlord Legal Expenses
  • Legal Expenses

Do I need landlord insurance?

While it's not legally required to have landlord insurance, many mortgage lenders may require it as a condition of the loan. A conventional home insurance policy does not offer the appropriate cover for a buy-to-let property. Whether you decide to rent out the property short or long-term, landlord insurance is strongly recommended to protect your investment.

Ensure you have the appropriate landlord insurance before your tenants move in for peace of mind that your financial future is secure.

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Our Expert says...

"Being sufficiently covered with landlord insurance doesn't need to be expensive and without it, landlords are putting themselves at risk of financial loss and legal issues. We can advise you on getting the best policy for your property and help you find cheap landlord insurance."

Richard Wayman - Finance General Manager

How much does landlord insurance cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to landlord insurance, therefore costs can vary from policy to policy. That's why we always recommend that you compare landlord insurance quotes to find the best deal. The cost of landlord insurance depends on the following:

  • The level of cover you take out - the more you cover, the more expensive your premiums are likely to be
  • The location of your property - insurers will take factors such as crime rates into consideration
  • The size and age of your property - these factors have an impact on the cost of potential repairs
  • The type of tenancy agreement that you have
  • Your claims history - like with other insurance types, if you have made a previous claim then your premium will raise
  • How you decide to pay - paying annually works out cheaper than paying monthly

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If you find a like-for-like quotation cheaper anywhere in the UK market, we will match or beat it.

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What does landlord insurance cover?

How to get cheaper landlord insurance

Getting cheaper landlord insurance doesn't mean you have to compromise on the protection you need. There are numerous ways to reduce your premium.

Take security measures

Strong locks, CCTV and alarms are likely to deter thieves and reduce the risk of criminal activity at your property. Insurance providers will offer a cheaper quote if they see there is a lower risk.

Raise your excess

Voluntary excess is the amount the landlord pays towards a claim. A higher excess can decrease the premium, although the excess should be at a price you can afford.

Keep your properties occupied

An empty property is seen as a bigger risk to insurance providers, so try to limit gaps between tenants.

Take out one policy

Combining multiple types of cover into one policy can be cheaper than buying them separately.

Consider tenant type

Different tenants pose different levels of risk. For example, your policy may be more expensive for students compared to professionals.

Compare policies

There are many providers out there offering various packages. CIA Landlords can compare landlord insurance policies to find you the best deal.

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