Can a listed building become delisted?

Yes, a listed building can become delisted although this is rare. There must be strong evidence showing that the building no longer has national importance and a formal review with the heritage authorities is required.
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What are a landlord’s responsibilities for a listed building?

A landlord’s responsibilities for a listed building are the same as a modern building. Landlords should ensure that the interior, exterior and surrounding areas of the building are well kept. Because a listed building needs to preserve its original appearance, the landlord should be clear in the tenancy agreement about making changes to the property.
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Why is it difficult to find cheap listed buildings insurance?

Since listed buildings are older, there’s more risk of things going wrong and repair costs are higher. This higher risk increases the chances of making a claim, so insurance companies would have to pay out more. Older properties can be complex to fix. Unique features of listed buildings such as sash windows are also costly to repair, due to the rare materials and specialist tradespeople needed.
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Will future works on a listed building affect my landlord insurance?

Yes, future works on a listed building can affect your landlord insurance. Inform your insurance provider of planned work before it starts to comply with your policy and remain covered. CIA is an independent broker with a personal approach. You can chat with us on the phone about any planned work - we don’t use chat bots.
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What parts of a house are listed?

A listing will cover the whole of the building including the interior and exterior unless specific parts have been intentionally excluded.
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How do I find out if my building is listed?

You can search your postcode in the National Heritage List for England to see the locations of listed buildings.
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How long is a quote valid for?

30 days.
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What are the different categories of listed buildings?

The classification system puts listed buildings into 3 different ‘grades’, Grade I, Grade II*, and Grade III.

  • Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest. Only 2.5% of listed buildings in England are Grade I 
  • Grade II* buildings are particularly significant buildings above special interest. Grade II* buildings account for 5.8% of listed buildings in England
  • Grade II buildings are of special interest and worthy of preservation. More than 90% of all listed buildings in England are Grade II
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How do I find out if my property is listed?

To find out if your property is listed, you can try contacting your local planning authority or visit
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