Can I insure more than one buy-to-let property?

Yes, you can insure more than one buy-to-let property with our multi-property landlord insurance where you can receive a discounted rate. The cover is comprehensive and you can choose to insure buildings, contents or both.
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Why can't I insure my buy-to-let on a standard home insurance policy?

A standard home insurance policy won’t cover you if you rent the property out to tenants. This is because tenants are higher risk. Buy-to-let insurance covers specific events that aren’t covered by home insurance. Having a specialist policy will ensure you are protected to the right level.
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How long is a quote valid for?

30 days.
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Is rising damp covered?

Rising damp is not covered under any insurance policy.
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How much does landlord insurance cost per month?

As of 2023, the average cost of landlord insurance per year is £170, which equates to roughly £14 per month. This will depend on various things, however, and you would need to consider aspects such as the year the property was built, the rebuild cost, the size of the property, and where the property is located. 
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Can I add properties on mid-term?

We do offer insurance policies which allow you to add properties midterm on a pro-rata basis, as long as you let us know you will require this service when purchasing your 1st policy.
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Do you offer a multi property discount?

If you already have landlord insurance with us, then we will give you a multi-property discount. To take advantage of the discount, we will need to complete the quote over the phone with you, so, call us on 01788 818 670.
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What if my tenant works but also receives benefits?

We will just need to ask you a couple more questions in order for us to know how to class your tenant. Our insurers each have their own guidelines so this quote would be completed on the phone. To discuss the details, call us on 01788 818 670.
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Does the type of tenant I have in my property affect my policy?

Yes, all policies are quoted and proposed on a variety of different factors, one of those being the tenant type. If the current tenant's situation changes and they become a different tenant type, you will need to make us aware.
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What does the term 'tenant type' mean?

Tenant type refers to the tenant's current situation. For example, if they are in full-time work they would be classed as professionals. If they pay the majority of the rent with benefits they would be classed as DSS tenants. Other tenant types include students, asylum seekers, housing association tenants and retired tenants.
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