How long is a quote valid for?

30 days.
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What is a void period?

A void period is when no one is living in the property. What counts as a void period varies depending on the insurance provider, so read your policy documents carefully.
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How often should I visit my unoccupied property?

Check the conditions of your insurance policy, as it may require you to regularly visit the vacant property. If you can, visit the property weekly to monitor signs of a break-in and spot any maintenance issues.
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Can I insure multiple properties with unoccupied property insurance?

Yes, we offer multiple property landlord insurance and can find specialist cover if you have more than three properties that are unoccupied for long periods of time. Give us a call or request a callback for a tailored quote.
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Does standard landlord insurance cover unoccupied properties?

Standard landlord insurance policies will allow you to leave the property unoccupied however, this will be for a limited amount of time - this is usually 30 to 60 days maximum. If the property is going to be vacant for longer than that, you will need specialist unoccupied property cover.
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Can I insure my property even though it is vacant?

Yes, we offer a variety of policies for vacant properties, whether you need 12 months of unoccupied property cover, or a more flexible policy which can be adjusted when tenants move in.
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Can cover be increased after the unoccupancy clause?

No, unfortunately we are unable to increase cover at the end of an unoccupancy clause. If the property remains vacant, cover is reduced and then increased when the property is re-tenanted.
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What happens if my property becomes vacant mid-term?

If your property becomes vacant mid-term, whether your insurance policy is affected or not will depend on a number of different factors. Contact our customer service department when you know your tenants are moving out and let us know what your intentions are for the property, we will then advise you on how this affects your insurance.
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Do you cover unoccupied properties?

Yes, we provide cover for unoccupied properties from inception and offer all different types of cover.
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