• What is a rent guarantee policy?

    The Rent Guarantee Insurance we offer covers you in the event that a tenant stops paying rent and becomes in arrears. This policy is offered depending on the type of tenant and upon completion of the four-point check. This can also be included alongside the legal policy.

    Purchasing a standard landlord insurance policy alone probably won’t protect you against your tenant falling behind with their rent payments. While landlord insurance policies can be very comprehensive – including buildings and contents cover, liability cover, emergency assistance and legal cover – any rental cover may only reimburse lost rent for periods when your property is rendered uninhabitable due to another insured event, such as a fire or flood.

    This is why you are advised to check with your insurance provider or look for a dedicated rent guarantee policy that will pay out the rent you may need to pay your mortgage, should the worst happen. Even then, you are urged to scrutinise the exact terms that apply to your rent guarantee policy, including the exact level of cover and the nature of any excess.


    Even the best tenants can find their circumstances changing, which may compromise their ability to continue making rent payments as they fall due. It is therefore essential for landlords to at least consider taking out a rent guarantee policy that will help them to protect their rental investment. Always carefully check each policy to ensure that it caters to your specific needs.